Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympic Fever, Catch It! (Part 4: Robot Smile)

Things Shawn Johnson Is Probably Thinking, As She Keeps Grinning No Matter What Happens:

"Oh, boy! China!"
"My life's just gonna get better and better after this!"
"I hope NBC thinks of me when they start casting 'Small Wonder 2.o'!"
"This'll be a great way of making friends!"
"If I keep smiling, maybe Mommy and Daddy won't fight so much!"
"I bet I'll live forever!" (Okay, that one stolen from McSweeney's - don't care.)
"Gee, d'ya think they like me back home?"
"It's awfully hard to breathe in this leotard!"
"Puberty? What's that? Sounds fun!"
"I'm cute, but puppies are cuter!"
"Why does that Liukin girl look so mad? We're Olympians!"

1 comment:

thechicgeek said...

Actually it's well known that all Olympian Gymnasts have had facial reconstructive surgery to have the same grin as the Jack Nicholson Joker. Also, Laura Bush, apparently.