Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Olympic Fever, Catch It! (Part 3: Ladies Night)

Awesome, sometimes-weird night for American Olympian women. They all did great – particularly our terrifying giantesses on the softball team – but at the same time, a strange sense of defeat at the uneven bars and the pole vault.

The uneven bars was an actual sense of robbery – esoteric scoring procedures meant that in spite of a tie, bullshit-she’s-16-year-old He Kexin got the gold, while the U.S.’s Nastia Liukin (arguably with the more even performance) took silver. A clear sense of China kinda screwing around with things in multiple ways.

On the pole vault front (a phrase you are unlikely to ever see on this site again), jetsetting Russian Yelena Isinbayeva got the gold, which meant it was totally worthwhile to watch a little profile about how she somehow is an athlete while also being very attractive and living what appears to be a model’s life in Monte Carlo (and would also not mind a small part in American movies someday).

And it would’ve been totally fine that American Jennifer Stuczynski took silver, on account of she’s only been doing this for about four years, if not for the dismissive chewing-out her coach gave her from the stands – totally mic’d on a global telecast, which is obviously the best time to have that kind of conversation. His passive-aggressive, “Yeah, silver. That’s not bad. It’s no gold, but it’s not like you’re Isinbayeva” scolding really took the (silvery) shine off the whole thing.

So thank god for Women’s Beach Volleyball, is what I’m saying. Our gals pounded the hell out of the Brazilians, a victory made all the sweeter after the commentators mentioned that the Brazilians pulled rank and kicked them off the practice court earlier that day. It’s rare I say this (actually, this may be the first time I’ve ever said this), but: Suck it, Brazil! Go enjoy your losers’ party – which is probably going to be really awesome and sexy, with beads and feathers and such.

In conclusion: USA! USA! USA!

The Summer Olympics: Because Americans Need To Feel Good About Something For a Little While.

(And yes, this may have just been an excuse to post pictures of female Olympians. Sue me.)


tad said...

I love the Olympics, its a great excuse to let out my inner jingoist. Screw those rank pullers from Brazil, screw those cheaters from China, screw those hosers from Canada, etc. Pretty much screw everybody but the USA, Poland, and those Jamaican track people (how can anybody hate somebody from Jamaica?).

molson said...

Screw those horses that think they're so cool, jumping over gates and crap like that.

Also, I hate people from Jamaica, but that shouldn't be too surprising.

Threat Quality Press said...

In other, related news: it is 100% appropriate that the fastest man in the world is named Usain Bolt.

ISTV Global Stronghold said...

Oddly enough, did you know one of the world's leading handballers is named Gary Handballer?


thechicgeek said...