Monday, October 27, 2008

I Speak TV Couples Counseling II

(Continuing our advice column for the staggeringly dumb males featured in commercials.)

Dear, Guy who scopes out women on his cell phone during a coffee date with a lady-friend,

When she catches you taking pictures of girls on your cell phone, and then actually texts you to tell you, "Dude, WTF!" And you ask, "What? What?"

She may be willing to put up with a lot of your crap, and so you may be getting mixed signals. Allow us to answer to your question. Her answer to, "What? What?" is, "I'm thinking I should've dropped your inconsiderate, leering frat-boy ass months ago, that's what."

We hope this has been helpful.

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Threat Quality Press said...

I believe that the pretty girl in that commercial is Lauren Conrad, of The Hills "fame." The guy might also be from The Hills. The point is, they are all kind of interchangeable, she'll probably be "dating" a new "boyfriend" next week.