Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bobby Flay: Food Network Asshole

So let me get the premise of this "Throwdown with Bobby Flay" show straight:

Bobby Flay, TV personality-chef, practices dishes, and then goes to the restaurants of people who have worked hard to build a reputation on these dishes. Where it's a sense of neighborhood pride, like say, buffalo wings in Buffalo.

And then Bobby Flay pops up during a crowded public promotion at the chef's own restaurant, and challenges that chef to "defend his title" regarding his/her signature dish.

Now, I know absolutely nothing about Bobby Flay. I am not a regular Food Network viewer. I just stumbled across this show.

But I have to ask: What kind of asshole is Bobby Flay?

Best-case scenario for him: He wins the taste-off, humiliating the hard-working cooks who have spent a lot of time and hard work developing a specific flavor and style that's earned them recognition. Which makes him a total dick.

Worst-case: He is beaten by the cooks, and he looks incompetent.

I'm sure, behind the scenes, the Food Network contacts all the restaurants and they agree, because hey, free publicity. But nevermind that. Based only on the narrative of the show...what the hell is the point of this show, other than to make Bobby Flay seem like some kind of TV-star egomaniac who thinks he can do better than the local pride?

Honestly...what a jag-off.


thechicgeek said...

Bobby Flay may be an egomaniac, but compared Gordon Ramsay, he's a freakin' saint!

Now don't get me wrong, I like Gordon Ramsay on his Kitchen Makeover shows, both in the UK and the US. But flip over to Hell's Kitchen, and the dude is just ruthless in his punishment of people who honestly want to please him.

He just tears them open like a lion ripping into a wildebeest. It's not about who can cook the best, it's who can withstand the rending of their own flesh the longest.

kingmackattack said...

It's true that Gordon Ramsey is a bit of a jerk, but he's invited to the places he goes to. The people he yells at and demeans have asked him there to do just that but, this ButtMunch Bobby Flay; just who does he think he is? If I had a new restaurant and he showed up to "throwdown", he would be the only one getting throwndown. Then I would kick his ass out of my place!