Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I DEFY You to Be More Boring

Not a bold statement to say I like to be caught up on entertainment news. TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly, the usual stuff. And so I can speak with some authority when I say I have found The Most Boring Entertainment News Headline of All Time:

I read that and thought, "Wow. It is not possible for me to care less about any aspect of this headline."

And then I thought, "There's someone out there reading this, and getting really excited."

This is why I Speak TV exists: To keep you from turning into them.


Anney E. J. Ryan said...

I realized recently that "Two and a Half Men" is like a stupidity test. Like if someone tells you that they like that show, you know, for absolute sure, that they are really ridiculously stupid.

MJ said...

Who is George Eades?!

ISTV Global Stronghold said...

George Eads, bless his heart, has the misfortune of being the most boring castmember of "CSI."

He has a name, "Nick Stokes," and a single defining character trait: he is Texan. That is it.